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An Invisible Thread  is the inspiring true story of Laura and Maurice and how small acts of kindness can change lives. It is the story of how two people from different worlds who needed each other, somehow became unlikely friends. It is the story of the unseen connections that exist between people who are destined to meet and how, if only we open our eyes and our hearts to them, these connections can be the great blessings of our lives. Learn more…

Laura and Maurice 1986Laura and Maurice – 1986
Laura and Maurice 2011Laura and Maurice – 2011

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Laura Schroff, #1 New York Times  bestselling author and keynote speaker, is a passionate and compelling voice on the power of small acts of kindness and mentorship. Laura has fully committed herself to advocating and inspiring others through her book, An Invisible Thread.  Laura encourages her audience to look for their own invisible thread connections.

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While Laura’s story is magnificent in her book An Invisible Thread, her personal account is breathtaking.

Chief Executive Officer, House of Hope 

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Laura Schroff Speaking

A story as powerful as An Invisible Thread, or even just its powerful message, is something that should be shared in all classrooms.

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